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Take your time and browse some of Dr. Janine’s portfolio of work! Dr. Janine has developed curriculum, served as an Adjunct Professor, and spoken at conferences and summits on various topics such as: leadership, career development, digital transformation, technology, continuous improvement, process improvement, finding meaning in your job, international business, communications, DEI, design thinking, and innovation. There are complimentary resources, videos, and curriculum sprinkled throughout this section for you to enjoy!

Listen to Dr. Janine on the Dear Workplace podcast where she shares her experience as a Learning & Development and DEIB expert!

Dr. Janine Lee joins Monica Kang, CEO of InnovatorsBox and Dear Workplace to share more about belonging and leadership, global learning and development, well-being, and self-love.

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Featured as a Keynote Speaker for AthenaHacks hosted at University of Southern California

Dr. Janine gave an inspirational Keynote on “Coding Your Future: What I Wish I Knew in My 20s.” AthenaHacks is Southern California’s premier hackathon for female and marginalized gendered students, hosted annually at USC!

The mission is to close the gender gap in the technology field and focus on fostering a beginner-friendly environment where participants of all experience levels can learn, build, and grow!

Recognized as Top LinkedIn Voice for Educational Leadership

People on LinkedIn find Dr. Janine Lee a noteworthy contributor to collaborative articles in Educational Leadership.

Click here to follow Janine on LinkedIn, and view collaborative articles she has contributed to.

Dr. Janine Lee speaking at EmpowerHER: Women of Color Leading the Tech Revolution panel in Washington D.C.!

Dr. Janine Lee is speaking at the Summit on December 8, 2023 in Washington D.C.! Techsgiving empowers underrepresented professionals to become global leaders in the tech industry.

Dr. Janine will be a speaker on the EmpowerHER: Women of Color Leading the Tech Revolution panel. The session explores and highlights the unique experiences and contributions of women of color, delving into career journeys, pivotal moments, and strategies for navigating and thriving in the tech ecosystem.

Read here for more information on Techsgiving.

Want to learn more about the Basics of Belonging?

Dr. Janine Lee publishes the “Basics of Belonging” with California Management Review.

The premier management journal of University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business which has been published for more than 60 years.

Check out the article

Google Cloud Next 23 features Dr. Janine Lee’s DEI Talk

Watch Dr. Janine Lee’s DEI Talk at Google Cloud Next 23’ on Building Belonging in the Workplace.

What is belonging?
How do you measure it?
What does research show to increase a sense of belonging in the workplace?

Check out the talk here to learn more about the dissertation research of Dr. Janine.

New Dissertation Research on Sense of Belonging for Women of Color in Technology

Dr. Janine Lee graduates with her Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) from USC and publishes her dissertation research titled “We Belong” focuses on increasing workplace belonging for women of color in technology.

Download a copy here.


Want to increase psychological safety and empower team members to speak up?

Janine is featured as a Cultivator profile and shares her tips in this article.

Want to reflect on these key learnings?

There is also a free worksheet available.


Google Developers North America hosts Janine as a speaker at the Virtual International Women’s Day North America celebration

Check out the free recording here on Janine’s top 5 tips for Accelerating your Career Development”

Dr. Janine Lee speaks on Western vs. Eastern Cultural Norms at the Ascend NorCal Inspiring Generations Conference

Janine leads a session on Western vs. Eastern Norms: Freeing yourself from cultural boundaries at the Ascend NorCal and Accenture Inspiring Across Generations Coference

Are you curious how your Asian (American) identity and background may be impacting you at work? Learn more about Western vs. Eastern Cultural norms and how the differences may impact your innate communication skills, confidence vs. modesty, and other key factors. Unlock your full potential through cultural norm awareness, correlating how your upbringing translates to the work environment, shifting your mindset, expanding your comfort zone, and practicing interactive scenarios to stretch yourself.

Want Janine to host this session at your company? Click here to contact her today.

Dr. Janine Lee hosts a Fireside Chat for Women’s History Month titled “Finding Your voice”

Janine is a featured speaker at Google Playground, a community group for early career Googlers. She speaks to 125+ Googlers to commemorate Women’s History month around “Finding Your voice”.

Janine highlights 5 key tips:

  1. Shift your mindset
  2. Create your voice
  3. Be authentic
  4. Focus on quality not quantity
  5. Flex and stretch

Listen to Dr. Janine Lee’s interview with Juliet Morris on Conversations with Quiet Leaders Podcast

Dr. Janine joined Juliet Morris on the Conversations with Quiet Leaders Podcast.

Learn more about her near-death experience, life mission and purpose, dissertation on sense of belonging, and servant leadership style.

🎧 Listen to her interview through either Spotify or Apple

Want to learn more about Janine's MBA experience?

Listen to her first podcast interview on MBA Insider with host Al Dea.

Learn more about her journey at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, her life-changing experience in South Africa, her career pivot to the technology industry, and her decision to go back to school for her Doctorate at USC Rossier School of Education.

🖱Read more about the episode

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Google Asian Sales in America (ASA) Introversion Workshop

Janine co-hosts an Introversion Workshop for Google Asians in Sales – Americas (ASA). During these challenging times, it’s always uplifting to come together as a community.

Topics included:

  1. Understanding the spectrum of introversion/extroversion while debunking myths, impacts on communication styles, and thinking
  2. Role that Western/Eastern culture play in our behavioral comfort zones between low and high context communication norms
  3. Educating Asian+ community on how to promote yourself and influence effectively given this context
  4. Live practice of these concepts to be more aware of our innate preferences

Google Developer Group (GDG) Design Thinking and Innovation Principles

Janine Lee presented a talk on Design Thinking and Innovation Principles at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA with ~250 RSVPs.

The session covered a high-level overview of Design Thinking, the Design Thinking process, and Best Practices for enhancing design thinking and creativity skills.

Mentor Spotlight at Google Sage Summit

Janine Lee is a well-versed Mentor with best practices, which were featured in a Mentor Spotlight. Read the image for some of Janine’s top tips for Mentors and Mentees!

#IamRemarkable Certified Facilitator

Janine Lee is officially certified as a global #IamRemarkable Facilitator!

#IamRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion. Request a session with Janine today!

Well-being Feature in Fitbit News

Work-life balance is an integral part of a successful personal and professional life.

Read more about how Janine Lee’s feature in Fitbit News where she shares her story of how she utilized her Fitbit to help fight insomnia.

Looking for a well-being coach? Contact Janine!

DEI in Hiring - Featured Speaker

Janine Lee co-led a DEI in Hiring Workshop at the Google Certified Publishing Partner Summit.

Approximately 400 attendees tuned in, mainly C-suite executives who were striving to change their systems, processes, and procedures to drive more equitable outcomes for their hiring practices.

Finding Meaning in Your Day to Day Job

Are you looking to find more meaning in the work you do? Janine was invited as a Speaker at the Adulting 101 session of Google’s Playground Summit Kick-Off Summit. She spoke to almost 1,000 early career Googlers. Her tips were simple, to A.I.M.:
  1. A: Align values and attitude
  2. I: Increase purpose – Use the 5 Why’s
  3. M: Map to the tasks you love
Want to learn more? Contact Janine to invite her to speak at your company, or request an upcoming class.

Pivots and Career Journeys of Women in Tech

Want to learn about how to start or grow a career in Tech as a woman? Janine Lee moderates a panel on Pivots and Career Journeys of Women in Tech for Women Techmakers International Women’s Day in March 2021.

It was an amazing turnout with ~3200 total unique virtual attendees, 4600+ views (and counting!), and a lot of great conversations/connections made! You can watch the talk anytime here. 

Need a moderator for a leadership panel? Contact Janine Lee to invite her to speak at your company, or request an upcoming class.

Diving Into Design Thinking

Have you been curious to learn more about design-thinking and innovation? The North America Developer Ecosystem team invited Janine Lee as a speaker at the International Women’s Day North America Summit on March 2021! It was an amazing turnout with ~3200 total unique attendees, 4600+ views (and counting!).

Some comments from participants:

“Most valuable session, thus far – Janine’s content was very valuable!”

”Very meaningful session, and encourages me to want to learn more about this topic.“

View the video here.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Planning effective meetings become even more critical when we are in a virtual environment where video conferencing fatigue is real.

Janine Lee developed this curriculum for Google’s Primer App. Primer is a free app designed to teach business skills to small, medium business owners, start-ups, and job seekers using <5 min interactive sessions! The app has 24 million users and spans 10 countries, and my curriculum is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

Download the free lesson here.

Berkeley Center for Executive Education: Head of Online Learning & Student Experience

Looking to improve your student online learning experience? Janine Lee served as the Head of Online Learning and Student Experience for Digital Transformation Program and CTO Programs from 2018-2020. During this project, she guided 200+ executive and management-level students across 25+ countries through their learning journey, drawing from a mix of tools and frameworks from data science, IT management, and marketing.

Berkeley Center for Executive Education: Digital Transformation Head Learning Facilitator

Janine was the Head Learning Facilitator for the Digital Transformation course at the Berkeley Center for Executive Education for 2 years. She provided deep functional expertise on Digital Transformation, and fostered a positive environment in live teaching sessions and moderated discussion boards to accelerate student learning beyond the typical online learning experience. She also fostered learning content improvement opportunities, curriculum revision, and ensured accuracy of course materials.

Effective Business Communications: Santa Clara University Adjunct Professor

Want to learn about how to effectively communicate? Janine Lee served as an Adjunct Professor for SCU’s Leavey School of Business MBA Program, which ranks 9th in the nation for Top Alumni Salaries (Source: Payscale 2017) and hosts students from Fortune 500 companies.

She focuses on teaching personal branding, writing skills, presentation skills, networking, and authentic leadership. Janine creates course curriculum drawing from a mix of tools and frameworks from course reading materials, videos, and interactive exercises to coach students to communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively both orally and in writing toward various objectives with appropriate professional etiquette across platforms, cultures, and various business and social settings.

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business, Lecturer for Seminar in International Business

Want to culturally immerse yourself and experience something life changing? Janine Lee has served as a Lecturer for the Seminar in International Business (SIB) course for topics related to South African History, Race Relations, Entrepreneurship, DEI, Leadership, and Communications. She has led all operations, curriculum planning, strategy, and student experience.

Fly to South Africa in this video to learn more about the program!

Maybelline New York Empowerment through Education Winner

Janine Lee was featured as one of the winners of the Maybelline New York Empowerment through Education contest! Read more here about her work advancing education for low income students in Oakland, CA.

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